Lighting for medical
Lighting is a very important aspect in medical objects, due to its influence into how it is perceived by a patient. Correct lighting arrangement and first contact with hospital personnel are vital aspects of how the object is rated by visitors, Led Company Pro offers lighting fixtures, that will fit into every design with both form and luminous flux. We posses are necessary certificates PHZ hygiene certificates.
Lighting office
Public buildings
Shops - Galleries
While making professional lighting project of LED lighting for offices etc., we focus on selecting light sources with appropriate neutral light colour. Solutions offered by Led Company Pro comply with current lighting norms and parameters. Our products are great as a replacement of old fixtures, and as a completely new lighting systems.
Oświetlenie ulic
terenów zewnętrznych
hal produkcyjnych i magazynowych, stref EX

There are many outdoor places that require good lighting. Starting from the streets, through parks and parking lots. Outdoor lighting offered by Led Company PRO is a set o high luminous flux, durability and design. Products dedicated to outdoor usage have a broad range of wattage, starting from small 30W lamps for parks and side roads, and finishing with powerful 1000W floodlights designed to be used on extreme heights.

Proffesional solutions in LED technology

LED lighting for industry

Correctly chosen industrial LED lighting is an important aspect, that can bring huge savings due to reduced energy consumption. Lower power consumption leads to savings that can fully refund new lamps in nit a long time. We would like to offer you a wide variety of industrial lamps dedicated for places such as: factories, open and high storage warehouses, cold stores, EX-proof areas and many more.




LED lighting design department

As a company that makes lighting projects based on its own, high quality products, we focus on professional service dedicated to every individual client. As such we have our own design department, that always arranges offer in a way to fully utilize our products advantages. It is worth saying, that our products have all necessary certificates, requires to be placed in high risk places like hospitals and explosion areas.

Investment support

Led Company PRO is not only LED lighting seller, but also handler of complex customer service.  With full professionalism and dedication in every order, we strive to help our clients during each stage of our deal. Starting from lighting project, through energy savings balance and preparation of individual offer, up till various financial programmes like leasing.  Cooperation with external companies gave us opportunity to give our clients full offer, that includes fitting the lamps and other energy connected products.


Energetab 2016 - the award goes to Led Company!

Energetab 2016 - the award goes to Led Company!

First of all, we would like to give our thanks to all the people, who visited our booth during ENERGETAB 2016 fair. We would like to inform you, that our company recieved an award for „Line of LED lamps designed for warehouses and factories”. Thank you very much!